Art Parks a place for nature and art lovers alike:

Art Parks is the first comprehensive guide to America’s most important outdoor sculpture parks. Parks are divided into chapters thematically and by region, with four maps that locate parks within each geographic area.


 Each of the fifty-seven locations, from large-scale parks in the countryside to small urban gardens and corporate sculpture collections, is described in detail and beautifully photographed.

 This tome features works by Louise Bourgeois, Alexander Calder, Olafur Eliasson, Alberto Giacometti, Andy Goldsworthy, Donald Judd, Sol LeWitt, Roy Lichtenstein, Henry Moore, Isamu Noguchi, and Richard Serra, among others.



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PES's Fresh Guacamole : The shortest film ever nominated for an Academy Award..
Very cool video :) Check it out..


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Cant remember if I mentioned that I have a new website up.:)
New look new feel and some new photos up as well.

Hope you like it

On another note:

A few fun apps I have come across lately ...

Hailo is an app recommended to me as I use taxis quite a bit.

What a handy little thing. It basically summons a taxi for you within a matter of minutes and you can even track the location of the taxi ordered, see the closest one to you and have the driver information, cab number and even the photo of the driver before he/she (have never had a female cab driver in Toronto) arrives.

Open Table

Which I use quite regularly is a handy app for making dinner reservations, rating restaurants and reading reviews. Very handy while on the go and available on most devices

Foodspotting is the visual guide to finding good food, making it easy to find and share food recommendations both restaurant fare and recipes. Social networking where the restaurant dishes not the restaurants themselves are featured.

Ted Talks features a whole bunch of video lectures on topics ranging from feminism to education, biology to poverty and so much more. From Steve Jobs to Jamie Oliver, there is something there for everyone to enjoy and learn from.

Any fun apps you have been using lately?

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Can't help but Lol at this one...

Happy Easter :)

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Chelsea Market

A wonderful place to explore artisan cheese, natural and organic food, delectable sweets, some very nice wines and a whole lot more... Alluring to all of the senses, it is a foodie paradise.

My favourite,  Spices at Chelsea Market, has an amazing array of  spices and teas from around the world.

It was actually my first time to this market, have you been there before?

"In 1912 Nabisco sandwiched the Oreo here; since 1997, however, the space has evolved from a bakery landmark to a gourmand's mecca. Original factory floors and winding halls of exposed brick preserve the industrial feel of the original occupant, but Chelsea Market is hardly about utility shopping nowadays with its destination bakeries like Amy's Bread, Eleni's, and Sarabeth's, fresh produce and prepared foods from Buon Italia, and takeout from Thai Wholesale and Ronnybrook Milk Bar. That Asian powerhouses Buddakan is situated here only underscores the location's culinary importance as do the Food Network headquarters upstairs where Iron Chef is filmed"

Enjoyable to visit if you are in the NY area.

75 Ninth Ave.New YorkNY 10011 

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Cool imagery of the night sky. From Samoa starlit skies to a very full moon in Denver, the exploration of the night sky is quite amazing.

National Geographic: Photographing the Night Sky:

"Milky Way Arizona"

"Full Moon in Denver" 

I have actually seen a moon this size and same colouring on my travels. Apparently an optical illusion, it is quite a sight to see.

"Campfire, Burkina Faso"

"Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah"

I have seen comets fly overhead, have been in awe of the northern lights and their spectacular show, have caught the occasional shooting star, spent evenings on a balmy night in the warm silence of the Caribbean in amazement of this expanse and the infinite stars seen above on a clear night...

And some of your great moments when the night sky creates a picture?


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For all of you book lovers out there (me included).

Kansas City Public Library:

Has anyone been?


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